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Personally, I find posts complaining about spelling and grammar that HAVE spelling and grammar mistakes to be very annoying.

Granted, I have seen a few posts from time to time that are hard to read, but it's really not all that big of a deal. I have yet to see one so badly mangled as the example Zoe posted that wasn't a joke. This isn't an english class, we all make mistakes. As I said above, it's in quite poor form to ridicule someone for things you do yourself. If *I* were going to crap on someone for spelling i'd make damned sure there were no errors in my post about it anyhow

To those who have trouble with spelling or english, keep trying. None of us are perfect, but I for one appreciate the effort some of you obviously put into making your posts as legible as possible.
To the lazy ones: Try to be more like the ones who have trouble, a little effort goes a long way.

And to all those who like to criticize people for spelling mistakes when posts are perfectly readable. Do me a favor and make sure you own posts don't make you a hypocrite. *rolls eyes*
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