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I have to agree with it being a bit hard to read things like "n e 1 got h8 4 me nOw?" To me its also laziness I mean how difficult is it to type in the extra letters?
Although I am guilty of making quite a few typos my fingers just dont type certain words corretly I mean I know how to spell "that" but for some reason my fingers arent quite that quardinated and I always type "taht". Ive been doin it for years now it seems so I know to go over my spelling and check for it. Although anyone who talks with me on IM knows I do it alot. Also I just broke a damned nail trying to catch my dog who decided to run away at the beach and now is a handicap with spelling since I'm so used to it bein there. And alot of times I forget to put the " ' " in words like "dont" or "Im." I just figure people know what I mean and it aint all that serious. If Im wrong let me know and Ill try to remember it.
One thing that some people here may not know or realize is that americans and canadians do spell some words differently like "favourite" I think thats how you spell it, here in the US we are taught to spell it "favorite." I can usually tell, when Im cruisin the web, if Ive come across a Canadian site just for the spelling differences.
Just a thought
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