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First of all, I would like to appologize for reacting the way I did. I may have misunderstood what corey meant. I felt like he was being demeaning when I meant no offense to anybody. If this not what you meant, corey, I am sorry. I also realize that what I did may reflect poorly on other users of this forum. Though I do not regret taking the animals, or taking them over the border, I didn't stop to think that posting what I did could reflect on the other users. I also did not intend to brag. I simply thought it was a funny story and thought I would share it. I know I didn't do anything heroic or something.
I talked to everybody I know in Bellingham to see if anybody could take it until I move back down in a few months. Nobody had the space to take such a big tank or the ability to take on the responsibility of caring for these lizards, even though I offered to pay for all the costs. I let my boss at work know what my intentions were, and she said that as a last resort, if they wouldn't let me take them across the border, I could temporarily keep them at work until I found them a new home. The previous owner intended to "let them loose" if I couldn't take them which would have obviously been a death sentence. Again, I know I'm not a hero or something, but I couldn't say no. I knew I would need a CITES permit for the water dragon and I also knew there was no chance of taking a mystery species over the border legally. The CITES would also take several weeks at least to apply for and recieve, which I didn't have.
I know that doing what I did wasn't my only option and I respect and expect others opinions that what I did was wrong.

Ok, I'm babbling. In short, I am sorry to Corey, Jeff, and anybody else in this forum whom I offended. I will be more discerning in what I choose to post in the future. Thanks for all of your resposes.

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