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I am going to add to this. My post was not meant to upset, tease or ridicule others that have no choice but to spell incorrectly. It was just meant as a bit of humor to lighten the situation. Sorry if there were any actual folks that got upset.....I actually have many folks in family that are dyslexic. I also know many folks with learning problems when it comes to language. So I know myself that some cannot help but to spell incorrectly. I as well do not totally care on the forums. This is not really a place that correct spelling is totally nessesary. As long as the point get across, all good.

On the other side..for those folks that do type out like this:
"I am lookin 4 a leo geck and wood b kewl to see,,,, ne 1 with one show or pics show me..thanx"

This does bug me. Also caps lock. It is very simple to type a few extra buttons in order to use words as they were meant. Just seems lazy not to type those extra buttons, ya know? Plus, the shift key lies right under the caps lock key......
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