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Hello all, I am going to post a copy of a genuine email that I recieved after politely pointing out the root of this very threads' content to another user who started a website. I have removed the users name to keep it confidential, but I still have a copy in my inbox to show the time stamp to any non-believers. I figured that if I did this you could all see for yourselves that I am not talking about bashing, insulting, or ridiculing people.

This is my message to him:
"Hello there, I don't want to be rude, but I really think that you should know this. The spelling on your web page is absolutely terrible! If you want to attract any serious clientelle, you need to run spell check before you submit any text to your web page. I am sending you this information in private so that it doesn't embarrass you in public. Please take my advice and redo your web page. I would never buy anything from someone with a web page that looks like that, and I have been keeping and breeding reptiles and exotic animals for 25 years. I hope that you can see that I am only trying to help you. I am not being critical of you, or making fun of you, I just wanted to help.
Take care, Johnny. "

This is his response:
"Thanx man. I do need to do that but unfortunatly my computer got so badly scrued up all i can do is go on internet. Ones i'l fix my computer i will most sertanly ran a spell chack. Cause when i try to update my page it keeps on freezing and i have to unplug the computer cause no buttons even wark. I apresheate for youre concerns. Thanks."

I hope that this clears up the misconceptions and calms the anger.
Take care, Johnny.
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