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So you think that it is ok to insult people's intelligence because they cant spell
When did I say that?

I reiterate : what bothers me (and I think the other posters) is NOT the occasional mistake made by a dislexic person or something who just doesn't pick up on words fast enough to be able to spell them correctly all the time. Once again, what I said was directed at those who refuse to punctuate (you don't have to be a university professor to use commas and periodes. i'm not demanding semi colons here!) and to those who make tons of typos and can't take 3 seconds to read over their posts to correct them. I thought that making your posts legible (for the sake of being politically correct - when you have the ABILITY to make your posts legible) when others are going to read it was just common courtesy.

And you are completly exaggerating Zoe.
I'm exagerating for a reason. I wanted to make obvious the fact it's not a little typo or grammatical mistake that bothers me, it's when posts are completely illegible. That was my point, that's why I exagerated my fake post. To show what I find irritating (and I've seen that a few times on this site and that's when I, too, get irritated). To show that most of the time, small mistakes don't bother me so long as I can make sense of what was written.


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