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I can not even believe you all had the audacity to even post this crap. Do you ever consider that there are people out there that just can not spell?
I don't think that's the point... Sure, not everyone can spell anthropomorphize or colOmbian correctly, but in those cases the posts are always legible. The ones that irk me are those that are full of types (honestly, how hard is it to read over a post)... or when people don't PUNCTUATE. When posts are impossible to read, I don't read them. It's simple as that. If people can't take the second to type "you" and not "u" or a simple comma, or if they can't look over their posts and correct the major typos, I just can't be bothered to sit up close to the screen, squint my eyes and try to make sense of the whole mess.
Like Youkai said... the way you write is the way you represent yourself online. If you type like an idiot then you're going to be perceived as such. It may not be true, and in some cases people prove their intelligence otherwise, but sometimes, there's no other deduction to be made.

I'm sorry to go on and on, but that type of thing bothers me quite a bit. Not so much anymore because I just overlook the posts I can't read, of course.

My apologies to anyone who ACTUALLY can't spell. lol :P

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