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It is actually a myth that it takes nicotine only 3 days to not be in your system anymore, I have talk to my doctor about this because I was curious about it, it actually takes almost 6 months
I was actually speaking of your bodies addiction for nicotine. Your body rids the many toxins at different levels as well, depending on your metobolism, diet, etc etc.

I dont spend very much on tobacco. I buy 'rollies', at about $2.50 for a pouch, and lasts me about 4-7 days. Average pack of 'top shelf' smokes here are from $3.40-5.00. But, for what some folks pay I would rather spend a few bucks more on other smokables...heh. Like my dad always told me, smoke em' if ya got em'... Still, in the end, it is a bit of money that goes into smokes and would not be bad to see some bigger, nicer cages holding bigger and nicer herps!
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