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One is more apt to get ill as well from the basic cleaning and feeding of reptiles as well. I get small scratches from dealing with my breeder rats, and every time I break-out with small bumps (kinda like mosquito bites). Cleaning up feces of any animal will be dirty. Also like Katt said there is a risk even more so without herps, as in human food prep and consumption.

The handling of herps should always be implied with cleaning afterwords. To say one cannot handle and leaving at that is a miservice to herpteculture. Its not that one cannot get ill, but imforming in another way would be more benificial for those that do not know. Why leave it at pregnant women? Might as well include small children and the elderly. All in all, it is the way you inform that gets folks thinking in a certain direction. To say something like that without including all the other stuff along with it is not something that should not be passed along. Uninformed folks will only know what you tell them. Leaving out better information is a miservice, and should be included when that 'topic' comes up.
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