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Exactly. It isn't inhaled through the air or absorbed through your skin... if you have cuts, make sure they are covered,
While there I got a superficial scrach, no big deal washed and bandaid Done. A few days latter I was very very ill, Guess what i had contracted the big S
A scratch is far different from handling. That's direct contact with your blood stream.

I'm not starting a debate. I'm just very concerned that you are an acting public reptile spokesperson, and here you are spreading anti-reptile sentiments. You aren't really educating, you're just passing along the established anti-reptile propaganda!

As for iguanas, they shouldn't be handled with anything, but gloves. They may not mean to scratch, but they do. Are you immuno-comprimised? Did you have tests to establish that you did get salmonella? I've been scratched by my iguana many times and have never been sick.
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