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It is actually a myth that it takes nicotine only 3 days to not be in your system anymore, I have talk to my doctor about this because I was curious about it, it actually takes almost 6 months for it to be out of your blood, but the withdrawl I think calms down after about a week.
Geez for those who are trying to quit think about it... if not for the health, for the money.... ok avarage what is it $9.00 a pack, the avarage smoker smokes 1 pack a day, so thats $63.00 a week $252.00 a month so aprox $3024.00 a year all to give your self cancer or enphzima <--spelling (which my mother passed away from 2 years ago) she smoked 2 packs a day died at 50 yrs old could you imagine leaving your children or loved one at 50 because you wanted a smoke?? Anyways back to the money think of what you could buy for 3 grand ....a pair of albino boa's .... an albino ball python.... a bunch of het pretty much anything.... think of the possibilities a very cool room or enclosure for them all a big screen tv, a home theater system ... sheesh the list is endless. Point is dont pay the Tobbaco companies to KILL you.
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