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Lightbulb Parasites

Ok I just bought my ball python a month ago, he seemed to be perfectly fine. He was the only one moving around his tank sticking his tongue out all the time. I felt him and he seemed to be aware I was there and not mind it too much, except being defensive of his head.

The bad news is I think he has a bad parasite problem. I was looking at him while he was resting on his branch under the spotlight, and noticed he the bumps I thought were bad scales, looked like the had little legs underthem gripping his skin. One of the ticks, (if thats what they are) is implanted right behind his head and looks like it is dug into skin pretty good.

Also, I noticed about 4 little red dots crawling around on his skin which I assume are mites, but no expereince so not sure.

I've taken care of my nile monitor for a 1.5 years, and never had a parasite problem.

Please give me some help on what to so I can make my snake happy!
Ball python named "Aaruon"

Nile Monitor named "Manson"
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