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I quit 2yrs ago this coming New Yr.
I had smoked for 14yrs.
I have 2 daughters.
When my first was born, I occassionally smoked around her, in the house.
She had HORRENDOUS ear infections and chest infections and in the end had to have the tubes put in her ears..
I made a rule of no smoking in the house.
My second daughter, I NEVER smoked in the house.
She has had 1 ear infection in 3.5yrs.
One effect of second hand smoke is ear infections, and chest infections.
I put two and two together.

I quit inadvertantly. I had not set out to quit. It happened due to some serious problems I had, leaving me couchbound for about 2months. Since I could not get up, I could not smoke. Plus the reasons I could not get up were the only things on my mind. I did not even think about cigs. I couldn't.

I have NOT started again because, I want to be a good role model for my kids, my hubby has never smoked, it's expensive, and I have health issues at the moment that smoking would not help.
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