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Yes, the technology definitely exists. I used to do monitoring and control systems for commercial swimming pools, and sometimes during installations I would chat with technicians from other companies doing the building control systems. Johnson Controls and Honeywell both make equipment and software to do this. You could conceivably control temp, humidity, lighting times, misting, water pH & ORP (for aquatic species), and probably other parameters as well, for as many separate enclosures as you want.

The only barrier is COST...

And, of course, as in the chameleon story above, these systems cannot monitor animals, they can only monitor the environmental conditions!

There are computerized fish tank controllers on the market (Neptune & Octopus used to be 2 brands, not sure if they're still around) which can control light times, temperature, pH and ORP. These could be adapted for herp use with some effort but they're still a couple of thousand bucks.

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