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Odd thing is that the human body gets over any nicotine addictions rather quickly, usually about 3 days. It is that deep down personal desire that makes you want to take the butt to your lips again.

At this moment I am rolling my own smokes (as I cough away), much cheaper and kinda a bit artistic. Anyhow, I think the overall desire to quit has to be true...or else it just aint gonna happen. My mom quit 'cold-turkey' and has only smoked 2 smokes in the last 8 years (due to me visiting after 3 years and having a few drinks..). Once you realize what you spend, it makes it a bit easier. Take a jog a month after, you'll notice your lungs are clearing out the ol' junk as well. I think when you notice the lil' changes like that you feel a bit better about your choice.
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