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Cutest and saddest thing I have seen in a while

I was in my local pet store today. They had several Ball pythons in one enclosure. I asked about them and the guy working was excited to show them to me. They are wc so that turned me off a bit. One was in shed, more accurately done shedding,but with large pieces of unshed skin hanging everywhere. That is the sad part.

The cute part was while we had them out a small child maybe 4 or 5 came over and took one in his small hands. It was so cute, he held it so tenderly. Then he started squeling to his father, "can we buy the snakie?" His father said that they weren't set up for a snake yet but maybe later. I explained the setup requirements to the father, mainly to correct the many errors I overheard from the herp "expert" in the store. He seemed quite interested and receptive to my input.

Sorry about the rant but I needed to tell someone.
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