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Id recommend for a situation like that using (if you can get a hold of any) Black Knight. It will kill any invertabrates in the room that it is sprayed in, let alone anything that makes contact with it. It is safe to spray on you herps and enclosure (I'm pretty sure it would be ok for your dragons, but I'm not terribly familiar with its use on lizards). It actually was originally intended to be a bug spray for people. Mites are a pain when the object can be easily cleaned, but anything with cracks and holes is going to prove to be a real challenge. Mites can get in to any crevices and lay their eggs. I know its too late, but I would avoid using bleach on anything porous. It will be absorbed by the wood and all the harmful checmicals will take a long time to be released.

Other good mite products (again I'm not certain their safety for lizards) is Nix shampoo, but that wont take care of anything in the cracks..........
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