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Things to try is a product called Dr Flea Reptile Relief It is made by Natural Chemistry. It is safe to spray on the animals and in the enclosers. I wouldnt recomend leaving any food or water in there but otherwise it is compleatly safe (so I have been told) I havnt had a chance to use it yet cuz all my cridders mites are gone. Before I got this stuff I just used pest strips. There are a billion different ways to use this stuff. Some people say leave it on the cage for a week , but do not leave their water dish in there when you do this. Just make sure you soak them everyday. Basically a week on and a week off for a month. Other people say the water dish in there is fine if you just do 5 hours on and 5 hours off for a month also. So do what ever you think you are confertable with. I dont recomend Mite begone because if you do not follow the directions to the T then your animal WILL DIE.

Other non chemical ways are soaking the animal in oil and alsojust bathing them VERY OFTEN. The mites will dround. Hope some of this has been some help. But get more advise. I personally would not reliey on a vet for questions like mites because they like Drs get kickbacks for pushing products. Just rely on what people in these forums recomend, but use your best judgement.
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