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Mite question.

I recently found some mites on my frilled dragons.

I completely cleaned them. Unfortunatly ive never encountered mites at home, A friend sold me a boa, that had tons of mites on it and they travelled rather fast.
the frilleds are fine now, in a large rubbermaid container until i figure out what to do with their enclosure.
its made out of wood, the inside is treated and has glass for a surface and part of the side.
however its an old cage that was made by a friend about 6 years ago and i recently aquired it.
can the mites survive in little cracks?

There arent any crakcs on the inside, but the outside ridges have bumps and holes. is there anything i can treat it with? the cage looks great,, would suck to get rid of it.

my basement is my reptile area, should i hang a few vapona strips up for 12 hours??????
any help would be appriciated, either pm or post here. thanks
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