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stupid to ask but what about my snake? can i use nix on it, like wipe him down?
The only stupid question is the unasked one. That's is exactly what you do. Spray the snake while it's inside an empty rubbermaid. No wiping or touching. Just make make sure you spray the vent area too.

i dont understand how i got them in the first place...

They are very easy to take home from pet shops. Also treat everything that comes into your collection as if it does have mites and you'll probably never get them again.
i have all my snakes in rubber maid and my Nile monitor wont co-operate... i need to buy a bigger one for him tommorrow.

Snake mites are specific to snakes so as long as that's what you have don't worry about you monitor. Just spray in and around his cage to kill any eggs.
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