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Originally posted by Auskan

My personal experience of CO2 tells me that the brain is not fooled into thinking it is getting oxygen - far from it.
If you did experience oxygen deprivation from carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide it would have been slight. Though slight in these situations, especially pregnant, is still bad. The deal with the 'co2 chambers' is that it instantly and totally replaces *all* oxygen. You will pass out (or go to sleep) and feel no pain whatsoever.

The only problem I experienced with the 'put 'em in a sock and whack 'em' method was that in teaching my girlfriend; she never whacked 'em hard enough the first time making it far worse for all parties involved. when i whacked'em, I would just do it on a very hard survace (sidewalk, corner of the wall.. anything to help ya out a little) Might take a little practice, but you'll get them first try every time before too long.

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