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Unhappy odd Ball's

Yesterday I took the day off school and went down to the local reptile shop and was playing with the snakes and stuff. And corect me if I'm wrong, Ball pythons are very docile, relaxed and very rarely nippy. But anyways Later on I went to PJ's pet shop in the mall, and they had just gotten in two baby Ball pythons. I went and talked to the shop keeper about them and asked what they're temperment was like, the guy was like they're viscious, you cant pick them up or even go into they're cage for that matter, they'll attack you. It made me so upset cause they were so cute and looked so innocent cuddled up in a corner. I honestly think they were abused before they came to the pet shop. And I know they will never sell because they're double the price of the Ball pythons at the reptile shop. And the shop keeper couldnt tell me where they were from. kind of suspicious
I was thinking of buying them and trying to gain there trust. I dont know if thats the right thing to do....anybody got any suggestions?

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