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ok..I guess I should have been more specific. This is a friend of mine that I have known for over 10 years. Yes, he would put up any money needed. He will be buying the food for both of his snakes. The retic is in a 20 Gal long tank. He is pretty small right now, so that should be good for a little while anyway. As far as breeding goes, he is all for it. In fact it was more his idea. If they breed successfully. We will build something to house the babies in. We both know a few people that own pet stores and already said they would buy them.

And her tank, before he had to get rid of her, was a walk in closet. She had the whole thing to herself and it was all set up for her. It really sucks that this lady wont let him keep these snakes. She has a personal vendetta against reptiles I think. She claims that her son had a boa and it chased her down the that!

Sounds like you are in denial. if something were to happen who is going to pay for the vet bills? You wouldn't be able to tell who is sick first, and since YOU put HIS snake in YOUR snakes enclosure then it would be your fault if his snake got sick, but you wouldn't be able to tell who was sick first becuase you can't tell who's fecal droppings are whose.
As I said, this is a real good friend of mine. He was fully aware of putting his female w/ my male for the time being. He brought her over and put her in the tank himself. I know there may be risks, but on the flip side, you have to agree there's a chance neither one of them will get sick. I believe this is her first time breeding, so naturally there will be a higher slug count. And as for cooling, well that is a whole debate in itself. I've read there are plenty of people that do not cool before breeding and they have just as much success. As far as im concerned, if it happens...great...if not..then thats fine too. I did this more as a favor to him...then for breeding purposes. I didnt want to see him have to get rid of his snakes. Hopefully, I will not have to house them together for too long.

IF by chance they do get sick. I am in a position where im not worreid about paying for vet bills. So yes, they would both be treated if something should happen. My friend would insist on paying for half of it anyway.
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