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After one awful (and long!) relationship, I swore off serious ones for life. (Or so I thought.) I promised myself that I would never EVER let myself be even a tiny bit vulnerable to anyone ever again. (Your classic, textbook Commitment-a-phob.) A string of guys later (all meaningless dating scenarios) I met this one amazing guy that I fell head over heels for in a hurry. It was very fast for both of us, and despite huge differences in age and career path, we'd moved in together in less than a month. Terrifying, yet thrilling. Things were going amazingly, it seemed too good to be true. Then the bomb dropped...he wants to have kids, but personally I feel that the world is overpopulated enough...AND even if it weren't, I wouldn't want to risk not having enough time for my creatures (who I could NEVER live without) by having a miniature human around. At the moment, this is still on-going -- I have no idea how it will turn out, but I can only hope for the best. I don't want all of this feeling to simply go to waste.
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