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did you ask your friend if it was ok to breed HIS female to your male? You may end up with all the babies if not, and if you can't even quarintine *sp?* 1 boa, how are you going to house.....what 10-like 40 baby boa's (have no clue how many they have) Where is HER cage at? What about the burm? How are you going to house it Rectics can grow like over 3ft in one year are you prepared to make him cough up the money to house these snakes. Since they are his who is going to be buying the food, especially for a yearling rectic, I've heard they can take rabbits at a year (again I do not know this for a fact, so don't take my word for it)?

What can happen, if she has parasites that he don't know about, it can get transfered to your snake. Any sickness can transfer it to your snake.

"Lets just assume she's fine."
Sounds like you are in denial. if something were to happen who is going to pay for the vet bills? You wouldn't be able to tell who is sick first, and since YOU put HIS snake in YOUR snakes enclosure then it would be your fault if his snake got sick, but you wouldn't be able to tell who was sick first becuase you can't tell who's fecal droppings are whose. Just because there are no breathing problems and no mites, that does not mean that the snake/s are not sick.
Do you realize how much stress you could be putting on that female, not only being moved to a brand new place and having NO time to acclimate, but being breed to. Did he even cool her to breed in the first place? If not I bet your going to have a small litter and a few slugs.

This is not a personal attack, I'm just asking out of concern for the snakes.
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