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whoohooo im snake sitting!!

well..last night my friends roommate got a call from his landlord. She found out that he had reptiles in his apartment and told him she wanted them out...ASAP!!!. So I gladly told him I would look after them until he got a new apartment. So for the next year, I have an 8 1/2 ft female boa (appears to be BCI). She and my 7 ft male are getting along nicely, hopefully they will end up mating. As of now they are definately in the courting stage. He is riding the length of her body and he rubs he has been rubbing his tail against hers all day. Also, I have his baby yellow head retic (Bob Clark line). He is in blue right now, so once he sheds I will snap some photos of both and post them. Anyway, just thought id share my excitement.
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