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Y'all need to lighten up dar Texas. I spent plenty of time working in Texas in the oil patch in my time. Did the Panhandle area, Mid Central & Laredo area on the Mexican border & some of the west side. Other than the main urban areas Texas is all about the stereotypes ya hear. Maybe you haven't checked out much of Texas yourself but I have & rural Texas is pretty backwoods & Laredo is pretty much like being in Mexico. I even had to order in spanish at Mickey D's in Laredo so they would understand me LOL. When I was there I helped run a 70 man crew, all the CDNs were longhairs, french or both & the Americans working for us were mostly Mexicans & Blacks. I can tell you first hand that the prejudices, stereotypes etc. have a very solid basis in the panhandle & rural areas. I even had places that set us up at special tables away from the locals so's they wouldn't have to be in the same areas as us "lowlifes", even though my crew would drop upwards of $30,000+ weekly into their economy. Mind you ya don't agrue with em when their packing sidearms. Y'all may be from there but ya have a lot to experience yet. LOL If it makes ya feel any better I'm from Alberta (that'd be Texas north for you Yanks LOL) & we run into all the same stuff, whether its from the East or you Southern folk. In reguards to your 22 F well of course deserts experience overnight lows, our overnight low here was like -20 f + the windchill factor (something you Texans will never have to worry about LOL). Until you have cold that freezes exposed skin in less than a minute you have nothing to whine about, except the heat heh heh. That 120 f in the shade crap really sucks especially for us Canuks. Anyhow its all just nothing anyway, so who really cares what anyone thinks. Ya do know what they say about Texas don't ya. "If it don't stab, stick, sting or shoot ya, it ain't from Texas. Mark I. >(
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