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Ok. This subject has prompted me to do some online research on this subject. Here is what I have found so far:

"In freezing to death, we humans get to experience some nice brain chemicals. Our complex brains have a few tricks that make pain and damage to our bodies much easier to bear. When experiencing great pain, we get a rush of endorphins, and when freezing we get put into a state of euphoria. As bad as freezing to death sounds, Ive been told that as far as `preferred' methods of dying go, freezing is one of the most pleasant. Well, for mammals at least. "

and this...

"What is hypothermia?
In moderately cold environments, the body's core temperature does not usually fall more than 1C to 2C below the normal 37C because of the body's ability to adapt. However, in intense cold without adequate clothing, the body is unable to compensate for the heat loss and the body's core temperature starts to fall. The sensation of cold followed by pain in exposed parts of the body is one the first signs of mild hypothermia.

As the temperature continues to drop or as the exposure time increases, the feeling of cold and pain starts to diminish because of increasing numbness (loss of sensation). If no pain can be felt, serious injury can occur without the victim's noticing it.

Next, muscular weakness and drowsiness are experienced. This condition is called hypothermia and usually occurs when body temperature falls below 33C. Additional symptoms of hypothermia include interruption of shivering, diminished consciousness and dilated pupils. When body temperature reaches 27C, coma (profound unconsciousness) sets in. Heart activity stops around 20C and the brain stops functioning around 17C. "
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