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you know you're an addict when......

-you use sex as bribary with your hubby to get that next herp.
-your entire wardrobe has some form of reptile on it and it is considered by you to be formal wear
-your husband who is a mechanic, looses his garage to hold more mice and rat cages.
-you frequent pets stores in every town you visit, know the employees by name, and are often instructing future buyers on where to go instead of buying from the pet store.
-every single rubbermaid for your husbands lunches has holes punched into the sides.
-you would swerve off the road and cause a six car pile up to avoid running over a herp, but think of evil thoughts waiting for that one slow pedestrian that just cant seem to move any faster
-when opening your vehicle, aspen bedding litters the floor and seats, and there is always that slight aroma of vermine.
-your house is littered with reptile magazines and herp ornaments and pictures and not a recent kids photo in sight.
every single birthday or Christmas present requires immediate opening.
-you get visited by the local police because hydro seems to think that you draw too much power for regular use.
-you can never seem to manage to take the time to visit relatives that are within driving distance, but can travel an entire day just to go to the next herp show
-you can't remember what you ate a week ago, but can recite each and every herp feeding and bowel movement from memory
........I could go on forever with personal senerios, but I think you all can relate.....
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