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This is just MHO i take in rescues on a small scale started about 2 yrs ago just by fluke, I took in two emanciated corns, the guy that had them was trying to feed them on crickets, He didn't like .... Well long story short we now have 2 happy healthy corns but have taken in others as well we have only lost 1 but that was sooo hard to deal with.. The last few we have taken in were emanciated BP's tonnes of time and money and one still died with all that effort we put in, All the $$$ to pay for vets app ect, come out of my pocket. I've had to start turning ppl away and giving them info to a reputable rescue. As i have 2 kids i am raising by myself i can no longer afford it all the time. Not to mention the space requirements. Plus i have my and the kids pets to care for and feed. It is very nice of you to want to do this but your still a kid with lots of time. Grow up gather some experience and then see maybe in 10 or 15 yrs time if your financially able to do this.just my 0.02 don't take anything i said the wrong way please it just that as a kid you should enjoy growing up and not be burdened with such a responsibility.

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