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Assuming all statements are true, I'm with Corey, fight it. 1,2,5,6 make sense to me but 5 & 6 seem like the same problem (could be separate charges, though. As for 3 & 4, shipping WC box turtles isn't necessarily a problem. There are some states where this would be allowed, so I guess it depends upon the state of origin. They are CITES II listed though, so an export permit from the US would have been required.

Another moral of the story- make sure that in any communications with sellers that it is specified that only legal specimens will be purchased, and that all applicable federal (both countries), provincial, and state laws will be followed. This could help if you end up in a similar situation.

I might be able to be of more help, but I'd like to hear from the person involved first. Assuming they're not under 18, they might as well not be anonymous, as the charges are public and word will get around the herp community pretty quickly...

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It is going to take some convincing, though, that it wasn't set up ahead of time for the money to follow if the shipment was successful.
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