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I always had difficulties when it came to love. I was always seeking relationships but, if anyone did something I didn't like or made me uncomfortable - I would be outta there (fear of being rejected I guess)! Anyhoo, when I left home to go to colloege, I vowed not to date anyone seriously and focus on my studies. I had been single for a year and a half before school and was really enjoying my time. Focusing on what I wanted for myself. A few men approached me at this time and I wasn't interested.

During the first year of school, I was approached and didn't like what I saw. Phony men and the like. I didn't want to compromise myself. Well this guy asked for my number one night, the next day he called and asked me out. He seemed genuine and I had heard from other women that he was a great guy. So we went out. So sweet, flowers, expensive dinners dates - every weekend. I would only go out on weekends - commitment to school.

Six months later my parents meet him and my Mom declared that he was the guy I was going to marry. I was like - yea right, what do you know. Anyhow, three years later we got married. I love being married, hasn't been easy the last year (he's been ill). I couldn't imagine my life wothout him. He is the best thing that has happened to me. Although his illness has been difficult, it has made our relationship stronger and it makes me feel that we can now get through anything! Thats our story. The end!
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