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I feel that MistyDaze is partially right ... however I have cultured numerous plants, including rarer sages and such under flouros and compact flourescents .... to say that " YOU CAN NOT grow plants efficiently under flouro tubes or any other form of HID lamp ie: mercury vapor, Halogen etc. " is simply ludacris .... I have done it for 13 years and not one problem ... I am personally fond of 30 watt compact flourescents .... PLANTS NEED A BALANCED SPECTRUM .... IF YOU HAVE A COOL WHITE FLOURO, AND A WARM WHITE FLOURO SIDE BY SIDE ...THE SPECTRUM WILL BE BALANCED .... or use full spectrum bulbs ... Most tropical plants dont need anything more that flouros cause they grow in rainforests and thus have low light intensitys....ex. would be salvia divornum, I planted numerous species and divided them up into one group of flouros and the other under metal halide...the flouro produced healthy and thick green leaves, while the metal halide produced pale, short and de formed leaves ...(however stalk growth was higher)... My whole point is that each plant is different ...I personally find compact flourescents the best way to grow plants economically...thanks for hearing my ramblings
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