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If you were to grow plants indoors you would use Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium lamps. MH lights are used to vegetate plants because the color spectrum represents that of summer (full long sunny days). HPS on the other hand are used for flowering because the color spectrum represents that of fall (days begin to shorten and become a little gloomy). YOU CAN NOT grow plants efficiently under flouro tubes or any other form of HID lamp ie: mercury vapor, Halogen etc. They just don't have the intensity or color spectrum to perform. MH and HPS lamps do not burn as hot as other HID's either so they can be placed closer to the subject for more intensity. These lamps would be ideal for reptiles being that they are the closest thing that man has to replicating the suns color spectrum and intensity for plant growth. Even a bank of 10, 6ft flouros would not come close to the intensity of one 400w MH lamp. It might look brighter but you literally need to be within cm of the tubes to get any benifit. The globes however are generally made from glass so you would still need a lamp that throws off UVA/B.
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