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another thing to remember is that the owners aren't able to sell these animals, in many cases rescues won't take them, zoo's and other animal display places don't want them either. If you really wanted to help these giants you would be better starting a group to protest petstores that sell so many to folks that haven't got a clue as to what they are in for. It's the kid that drags mom & dad in and the sales person that tells them it's a good starter snake getting only 6ft(they forget to say that is only the first year) that need to be educated. Giants are a wonderful hobby for the few dedicated keepers, the breeding on retic morphs is admirable, but the breeders deal out most of these animals to specialists. If you want to start another short lived rescue go for it, if your looking for free snakes doesn't matter to me mine are here until I or they die. I don't think you'll find much support here especially being so young. You want to get a loan, go for it, bank with repo your stuff like anyone else's when you default. Give yourself a few years to mature a little and look back on this idea as a bad one.