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Sorry, how many kids have we seen come on this site saying "i want to open a snake rescue!"... it's a wonderful idea, but it isn't realistic. You, especially, seem to be living in "dream world" because you are expecting to make money ("How do you all think a buisness would do if its dedicated to burmese python rescue and breeding?") which will never, ever happen. You also seem to know little about the problem with burms out there because you want to breed them, and sell them for education purposes (you'd be lucky to give them away.)
When you are well established, free of debts and loans, are well settled in a permanent home and are already making enough to support yourself, your family, and dozens of 12+ ft snakes and all they need (vet fee which will be astronomical, food, cages, cage accessories, lights, quarantine rooms, a vehicle big enough to drive them in, permits, etc etc etc) then give it a shot.
You say money is not a problem, but if it's going to take you 37 years to pay off a loan, then it is. Do you honestly want to be 55 years old, retired from your full time job, and paying off a loan you took out almost 40 years ago to take care of a bunch of snakes you probably lost interest in?
Even if you don't lose interest in them right away, you're not going to be wanting to deal with grouchy, sick, heavy, huge snakes when you're that old. And let's not forget that, ultimately, rescuing these snakes will cost you much, much more than you'd ever make selling them because you probably won't ever sell more than a couple of them for 50$ a pop.

Like we've all said, it's a very noble idea and were I wearing a hat, it would go off to you for wanting to help unfortunate snakes out there. But since it really is an unrealistic possibility for you until you're 30 years old and making a good, stable living, why don't you try involving yourself more as of now? Go to rescues in your area and volounteer (trust me, they need volounteers). That way, you can gain experience and also get a first hand, realistic look at what you're planning on doing at some point in time.

Right now, you're 13 or 14, and yeah, you think snakes are way cool (we all do) and you want to help em all out. When you're 19, you've got a girlfriend who is afraid of a snake bigger than a ball python, want to go to college, maybe still live with your parents who refuse to take care of anything of your's, have no money to pay for the vet and food bills...

It's wiser to wait, trust me. The time will be right in another 15-20 years or so, and there is no rush. You can't help burms if you can't house them, feed them, or treat their injuries.

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