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how am i doing?

Hey everyone, first of all before ya give me your answer take note of this:THIS IS A TEMPERARY HOME!! Ok?lol

One savanah monitor and a nile, both 6 inches:

Anyways i would like to know how all of you think im doing with my monitors and there setup, heres what i have: I have a regular 29 gallon tank with 3 inches of small brown bark, 1 large basking spot of rocks in the backs center, there is one large branch slanted accros the cage going up, under the basking spot i have plant carpet (fake plant in a rug look) and accros the back of the cage i have a small vine, i have 1 6 inch water bowl in the front of the cage on both sides, oh the bascking spot has a cave underneeth it. they also have a burried heat rock for extra heat. I put in 10 crickets daily.

Two red ear pond sliders and 1 musk turtle, 4 inches, inside for the winter"

They are in a 10 gallon with no gravel half way full of water with 1 large basking spot. Daily water changes, filtration is large air pump. fed crickets and regular turtle food, with occasional fruit. Heating is a heat lamp and water heater soon to come, will be moved to 175 gallon pond in spring.

Ball python:

10 gallon tank with one large box for hiding, 2 inches of bark with large water bowl. heating is a heat lamp.!18 inches.

SO how am i doing so far?
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