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Hi Jeff,

I think we are of the same opinion, I don't know if you read the disclaimer in my post. Apparently it's not a bad thing in snakes, but I don't condone it if it's avoidable. Most of what I wrote came out in a discussion I had with a researcher who was here doing a seminar on E. obsoleta reproduction. Of course, random mutation is the driving force of evolution but comparing artificial selection of snakes to that of other animals might not be a good idea (as I think you pointed out also).
I suppose the fact is, inbreeding will likely not affect captive populations of snakes (at least in no way that could be directly related to inbreeding) but my mammalian view on inbreeding prevents me from practicing it in my own collection if it can be avoided.
Also, as I am sure you know, random mutation is a rare event and perhaps it is this probablity that we should be looking at when trying to quantify any possibility of problems associated with inbreeding. There is such a small chance that a random mutation will occur, coupled with the chance that the gene may not be deleterious (doesn't happen too often). Obviously, however, the best/quickest method for gene flow to occur in a population is through inbreeding.


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