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I took mike's advice. I go across 6 days a week for work so most of the guards recognize me. I put everything in the back of my truck, and the lizards in a brown box with some fake plants sticking out so if they asked me what was in the box I could pull out the plant and say "decorations for the tank." Here's how it ended up going:

I got out of jail last night.... I was violated by some big oaf but it wasn't that bad. Anyway, just kidding. Hope I fooled somebody for a few seconds. I drove up, the guy said "where do you live?" I said, "Abbotsford." He said "Value of goods coming back?" I said, "Uh... zero." He said, "Thanks you." I drove home. I was probably pushing it a little bit, but it turned out ok. It ended up that my worries had just started. Look for my post in the general lizard discussion - Help me with my new water dragons!

Quite the pickle I've gotten myself into.
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