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It's not normal ! We're a bunch of freaks !! But nothing you can do about it

I don't smoke or drink that much and don't do drugs. Some people would waste it in smoke, I waste it on reptiles.

I don,t remember the last time I went to Home Hardware for something other than enclosure material, plants, etc...

And when I have extra $$ I'm allways thinking of what herp I could buy

But I calmed down a bit in the past months... na.. I'm lying

But that's what hobbies are for... look a people who love cars, hunting, hockey, drugs, etc... They spend all there money on that... it's the same for them. Didi you ever calculate how much smoking can cost in a year ? 3000$ and more, and it's up in smoke.. If you ever sell your reptile collection, you'll at least get some of the money back and you didn't ruine your health.

Hard to say if it's normal or not, but you're not alone if that's what you wanted to hear.

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