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Poll:Not so cute once they get old.

When begining in the hobby we looked at alot of snake pictures on forums. Most people post pics of their new snakes (often baby snakes).

They usualy ALL look great.

When begining, me and my girlfriend made a long term list of snakes we would like to get in the 1 to 3 years coming. That list included colubrids, boas and pythons.

Since we were begining, our main sources of information was forums, but as our love for reptiles grew, so did our contacts and sources for information and we started to see more and more older snakes (live and on pictures).

Some species such as anery hondos got taken off the list because when adult the colors really aren't as clear as when they are babies.

So here's my poll question.. and if you can insert pictures related to your answers it would be great.

"wich snake( s ) is the most deceiving (looks related) when it gets from baby to the adult age ?"

if you like this poll, also see this one
they age soooo well :)

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