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humane society.....well.....the humane society ......i guess i should just come out and say it ...the humane society sucks........these are the biggest group of rejects that i have ever come across...while there are the ocasional good person in this net work, as a whole they are abunch of well intentioned people with no clue about animals.....if it where up to them no animal would be aloud to be kept. they are funded partly by our government to help and this does include reptiles...but they are rarely aware of there job........if it is a true problem first thing i would do is find out the by law in the community where the violater is living...if they are braking a by-law contact the by-law office...animal control. these offices are quicker to act but you will have to be identified to the party.....these organizations will have them charged and you will be named.
pls. everyone read mission statements of the humane society .. not just the canadian one but the american humane society ...find out what it is they want......and if you disagree stop your support if any....there are lots of good programs out there and obviously lots of good people....your a good example...we need to stand up together to protect ourselves..our trade...our animals...and all animals.

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