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Originally posted by Shane Tesser
This is Linds new addition to her collection. I had the pleasure of baby sitting this beautiful little girl all day and played with her extensively....what a nice snake....
Thanks for babysitting my little girl and all my stuff all day! LOL

Linds, where were you for all eight hours of the show!!!! Man, that must have been one big tab in the bar lol!
You have NO he!! even I don't have any idea! Hehehe

Originally posted by Grant vg
Linds:did u get home ok???? when i left, around 2:30, u were fallin off ur
Hehehe... yeah I got home fine. I handed the keys over 'cause there was no way I was driving .

All in all I had a great time at the show. Too bad I forgot to get ALL the stuff I needed BEFORE I hit the bar I was supposed to get silkworms and superworms but before I knew it the show was over Well, got the important stuff, but unfortunately I didn't find what I was hoping to find... a female guyanese redtail It was great seeing everyone I hadn't seen in a while, and meeting some new people as well!
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