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I rotate the feeders(if I have to) you get to know your snakes "feeding personality", you will find that some eat like clockwork and some feed as they feel, ...when a snake doesn't take or strike right away at an offered food item, I move the Rat/rabbit to another snake's enclosure. The thing that is important is that you never leave the food item in the enclosure because the health problems that can arise from this, could be devastating for your collection. eg..if one snake has an infection of some sort it can be passed from one snake to another and another...if you must "rotate" a food item make sure you put the rat/mouse in boiling water" immediately" after exposing it to the one snake before you offer it to another; even if it was exposed to the first for 1 second. Another thing, before feeding, unthaw LESS than you need, that way there are no leftovers...remember it is unwise to re-freeze a food item (just as you wouldn't refreeze your chicken or hamburger)..... good luck and I am sure this problem will be ironed out with a little modification
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