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It would be great IF folks could find a decent place to get husbandry/care sheets. I have noticed a Google search will end up with about 70% of the results being MK sheets or links to her site, and to me it be a scary thing indeed.

To this day I will never understand why folks even suggest that the information she gives is worth a bean. Not only that, but even her 'conservation' pages, they filled with changed information. I know of a guy here in AZ that is very upset that she used him in referance to hunting and collecting herps from he wild, by using his information as a way to push her self-motivated quest to end the keeping of herps. Honestly, that is just messed up. I have no clue why that she gets the following she does. It is a very sad case of why I cannot stand people like her.

Excuse me if i seem rude and not so polite, but I have a great deep down burning feeeling of disappointment from folks like her that disguise themselves as a helpful person, only to use lies and misleading facts to push their own self driven and pointless desires. Not very cool if you ask me.
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