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Rescue story of 7 foot gopher snake

From my last trip to arizona me and my father had been out lookin for snakes(had a lisence). We hadnt found one for a few hours. so we had decided to go on some non active roads were some snkes might be taking up heat from the hot pavement. so we went down a busy road looking for small roads and as sone as we knew it a hudge glowing stick was in the middle of the road but it was more than just a big stick it was a snake. my father and me pulled over quik and only had a few seconds to determine what it was and to our luck it was a gopher snake. A 7 foot long gopher snake. the snake didnt like it when we disturbed it judging from the striking at us, but i think if it knew what was coming tward it, it would have thanked us, so what was coming was a 65 or 70 mile an hour car! so we only had a matter of second to save it. fortunattly we did and have been taking care of it ever since. we plan to let it go back into the wild the next time we go to arizona. i hope we have another adventure like this again.
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