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Cure Asthma?? Wow...maybe thats why my grandma made me eat it!! i used to have asthma when i was so much so that i get breathless quite often...i never knew why it went away when i got older...maybe its cos my grandma made me eat that "thing"..hahahaha...thats great!!
As for snake blood...i know back long grandma was telling me of her dad smoking opium in opium houses...during that time..they had rattan beds for people to lay on...and these bed often had cobras or other snakies under them...according to my grandma...her dad would usually press the head of the snake against the floor and then bite off a section of the tail...and suck it dry like a straw!! Weird guy if you ask me...hahahahaha...
And as far as taiwan and blue beauties go...well....dont know if you can do much to the sellers...i mean theres tonnes of cultural beliefs behind snake cures in asia especially...and selling them is probably legal for medicinal value... They're relativley cheap too compared to the pet trade here....heh...but maybe they were bred just for this be eaten...just like we (the common people) breed cows and chicken.
Aphrodisiac?? i don't know..the only aphrodisiac i know about in chinese medicine is the Tiger's *****....and probably rhino horn powdered drink with ginseng and bear claw or something like that. ask the chinese medicinal man...there are a few at pacific mall in markam..hahahaha...
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