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Originally posted by Invictus
Soul Reaper - I love that design, but the artistry looks VERY familiar... do you know the name of the artist? Was it Mike Bohatch or Jason Beam by chance, or was there an artist in that company you mentioned who designed it? In either event, that is absolutely incredible!!!!

Hey man!

Unfortunately it is not Mike Bohatch. Damn i would love to have his work on my drums, but he's relatively famous and getting his authorized permission would be impossible. Same with Jason Beam or Cam De Leon.

This guy is english, i found his work on a website a couple of months ago (can't remember which) and i just knew that i needed to have that particular piece on my drums somehow, so i contacted him and he e-mailed me the permission to use his work on the same day, it was quite simple.

I am a big fan of Modern Dark Art, i only draw and paint. I wanna get into photo manipulation soon, i've seen enough brilliant art pieces comming out from photoshop so i would love to give it a shot.

Thanks for the kind words by the way guys! I have a whole concept for my kit that i wanna get done before christmas, that concept includes everything from custom painted cymbal stands to snare drum, i'm trying to make my kit a big canvas. I'll definately post a pic here when the final design is done.

Til then, keep on rockin'!
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