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Free herps and enclosure

Sorry- not for you - for me. This guy is offering to give me a 125 gallon tank with a wood and screen enclosure built on top of it containing a water dragon, a "pink spotted water dragon", 1.1 giant day geckos, and a bunch of fish. the problem is, he lives in the states and i live in canada. It's only 45 minutes away, but i'm not sure i can get it over the border. He is also moving on sunday so i don't have time to get a CITES permit, especially for a 3 foot lizard nobody has ever heard of (no i don't have the latin name or a pic). Any suggestions? I don't know how i can pass this up but I don't know how I can accept either. What should i do?! P.S. Much of it, maybe all, will be for sale if and when i get it so if you are interested, give me a shout. Thanks.
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