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You will have 100% better chances to get a straight answer here.
Every one here has a commen knowlege on herps but if you have a specific Question just post it in the right forum and sit back and watch the replys flow in.
You will quickly see that some ppl are hum... more knowlageble then others (there we go that is what I will say No one can get offended this way)
You will spot them.
All that needs to be done from there is bombard them with Pm's LOL....don't do that try and ask all your Questions in one PM but when you get answers new Questions come around so don't think I am telling you that you are limited to only one Pm LOL.

I personaly enjoy chiling out in the large Constrictor sections of the site that is what I know the most about but there ppl here that have forgoten more about reptiles then I will ever learn but they are not here as offten but when they come around you know there here they are the one with the herps you and me could only dream of seeing in real life. Dame you Chris Marshell...LOL J/K man.

well I hope this makes you a bit more at ease with what ever questions in the future.

OHH ya never think your question is dumb the ppl here that actualy have a clue about reptiles have heard them all (figure of Speach) so you would have to wake up early in the morning to blind side them with a question. And if they don't know I am almost sure they know ppl that can get the answer.

Well happy posting
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